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Terms of Service

Article 1 Definition
In these Terms, the following terms shall be dealt with in the following clauses as having meanings prescribed respectively.
●"Our company" defines the peanut club Co., Ltd. that provides this service.
●"Service" defines "iCatchOnline" provided by the Company and various services incidental thereto.
●"User" means that you agree to these Terms and that you use the services provided by the Company.
●"Terms and Conditions" is a provision that users must comply with and we can change these terms without prior notice.
●"Account" defines the total of various kinds of information (passwords, game data, etc.) that can identify users.
●"Password" is defined as a cipher consisting of a combination of letters and numbers specified by the user to the user.
Article 2 Regulations and service
Regarding "iCatchOnline" which our company operates, users using this service must agree with this agreement and please use it. The user will be given an account to use the service provided by the Company at the time the Company approves the user's registration for use.
In the event that the applicant who wishes to use this service is a limited acting capability person such as a minor, the consent of a legal representative such as a custodian shall be obtained before using this service. If a minor agrees with this agreement, it shall be deemed to have obtained the consent of the legal representative.
Various rules, guidelines, arrangements, notices etc separately set for this service shall be paired with this agreement regardless of the type of issuance method. (Hereinafter referred to as "individual contract") The individual contract gives priority to the content of the individual contract if there is a difference with the terms of this agreement, but if separately provided for this agreement or individual contract, We will obey this.
The user may inform the user about information on the service including various contracts in advance by sending the information on our website, such as sending of our company's Web site and e-mail.
We shall not bear any responsibility for expenses or damage directly or indirectly to the user in connection with the content change of this service.
We describe the latest version of this agreement on the website "" (hereinafter referred to as "this site") so that users can refer to it.
Article 3 User registration
In using this service, you agree to this agreement, apply according to the method specified by us and register as a user with us.
Users can use their account ID by registering their own mail address at user registration. The assigned account ID can not be changed unless we receive change application and reissue from our company. If a user has a user ID of another portal site, he / she can treat it as a different account ID. Also, it is not possible to integrate and use account IDs issued at other portal sites.
In principle, the user shall be one ID and prohibit possession of multiple accounts. Delete your account without notice beforehand if you discover possession of multiple accounts. In this case, all points charged to the deleted ID shall be forfeited and no winning prize will be shipped.
User rights and qualifications shall be exclusively reserved for the registered user himself / herself. In any case, the rights may be shared with third parties, or may be transferred, sold, renamed, pledged or otherwise pledged as collateral to third parties, regardless of charge or free of charge We can not. However, if you have accounts of both account IDs issued on other portal sites and account IDs of this service, we will accept each account as one exception. Even in this case, we can not accept points and transfer prizes between both accounts.
If the Company determines that it is difficult to operate this service due to occurrence of a fault in the actual equipment or communication, or other factors, we will restrict the use of this service to users until the cause is resolved.
Article 4 Personal information
For the personal information registered by the user when acquiring the account, our privacy policy will be applied. Our privacy policy will be posted on our official website.
We shall be able to record and store access logs such as IP address and date and time of use when the user used this service. We can disclose its access log only when requested to disclose content based on investigation, trial, or other legal procedures, or only when receiving an introduction based on legitimate reasons from a legal institution such as a bar association.
Article 5 User's own responsibility
The user shall use this service at his or her own risk, and shall take all actions (including, but not limited to, breach of these Terms) made by using this service and the consequences thereof and You agree to bear all responsibility for damages and bear the damages (including all expenses such as legal proceedings) for damages caused by actions. We shall be exempt from all responsibility for these acts.
In the event that the user violates the privacy right by the use of this service, in the case of infringing the privacy right, when disclosing personal information of a third party without permission, in addition to the right of others (copyright, trademark right, portrait right In the event of infringement of the user (including but not limited to these acts), the user must resolve in his / her own responsibility and expenses, causing trouble or damage to any person other than the user himself including us In order to prevent it from occurring.
The user shall prepare and implement communications equipment, software, conclusion of a telephone line use contract and subscription to an Internet service provider, etc. for using this service at its own expense and responsibility.
The user shall manage his own password at his / her own risk. Even if the user suffered damage due to unauthorized use of the password by a third party, we do not take any responsibility. In addition, if you give damages to us or third parties due to their misappropriation, the registered user will bear all responsibility.
If a user finds another user who committed a violation of the Covenant, the user shall promptly report to the Company.
In the event that it is necessary for the user to modify the information registered at the start of this service, the user shall promptly correct the registered information following the procedures prescribed by the Company.
Article 6 Restriction on the use of this service
The Company shall be able to restrict the use of this service by such user without notifying in advance in the event of a situation falling under any of the following. Regarding the method and content of the restriction, we shall be able to determine according to our judgment.
When there is a possibility that the action of the user conflicts with or violates this agreement. In case of violation.
In the event that a third party illegally uses the service due to leakage of the user's password, or when a third party illegally uses other services of the company, or there is a fear of these.
When judging that the user's action will interfere with our business. (Including this service)
In the case that the use restriction of this service is made in one of the acquiring accounts of the user who acquires more than one account, the Company shall be able to impose similar usage restrictions on all accounts held by the user.
Article 7 Withdrawal / suspension of use of this service and cancellation of this agreement
If you wish to withdraw from this service, you can unsubscribe by unsubscribe method posted on the site. At that time, no expense associated with withdrawal will be incurred.
After acceptance of withdrawal request in this section, we will withdraw from delivery of mail from this service. In addition, we will not refund possession points and ship outstanding prizes for withdrawal, so please be forewarned.
In cases where the user who is imposed restriction on the use of this service does not correct or eliminate the use restricted factor in spite of the notice at the prescribed reasonable deadline, notify the user according to the method specified by the Company, We shall be able to cancel the user's registration and suspend the use of this service.
Regardless of the preceding paragraph, in the event that we judge that the cause of restriction on the use of this service is caused by serious damage to our company or very malicious content, we will not cancel the registration and notify us in advance You shall be able to suspend the use of.
We shall not be liable for damages or any other liability for the result and damage caused to the user or a third party by the implementation of the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph. Moreover, we will accept only from inquiry form about cancellation of notice by email without wishing to withdraw from membership.
Article 8 About non-warranty items
We shall not bear any warranty or responsibility for any of the following matters in terms of these Terms and Regulations. In addition, even if there are some problems in the following matters, we are not obligated to compensate for the obligation to correct it and special damage, indirect damage, incidental damage, result damage.
●The operation of this service is always normal.
●This service, as well as any problems or defects on this service must not be found.
●No bugs, defects, or other defects should exist in this service, the software provided on this service, or any other data or information.
●This service is offered in a timely manner, that it is uninterrupted and that server access is always done when using this service.
●This service is content and method that matches user's wishes and specific purposes.
●The information provided by this service is accurate and reliable.
●Information that the user sent and received by this service is correctly displayed on the screen and must be stored on a predetermined server. And reach third parties including us or other users.
●Guaranteeing the safety of this service (including that there is no hindrance to the user's PC or Internet environment by using this service).
Article 9 About suspension and discontinuation of this service
In the event that the provision of this service becomes difficult due to the following reasons, we can arbitrarily suspend some or all of this service at our discretion without prior notice to the user.
●Disaster natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, eruptions, etc.) Force majeure (war, turbulence, riots, etc.) Infrastructure accidents (fire, power failure, etc.)
●Regular or emergency maintenance and maintenance related to the system etc. of this service
●Based on instructions or orders from laws and administrative organs etc.
●Other for operational or technical reasons We can stop part or all of this service from time to time at any time by our judgment regardless of reason. In case of cancellation, we notify you on our website 30 days before the scheduled date.
The Company assumes absolutely no responsibility for any expenses and damages incurred by users or third parties when interruption or discontinuation of some or all of the services due to the preceding paragraph or the reason under this paragraph Shall not.
The user can not make a claim for, when some or all of the service is suspended or stopped while the service is in operation, regarding the data, such as points and personal information, which existed in the service in relation to the user using the service.
Article 10 About attribution of rights
The following elements (information / program / software / trademark / trade name / know-how / trade secret) included in this service and the rights related to the overall technologies incidental thereto (including patent right, utility model right, design right, copyright, etc.) Including all rights not limited to them), and other rights including usage rights and administrative authority related to them are belonged to us or third parties who have such rights.
Users shall not modify, adapt, or modify the following elements (information, programs, software, trademarks, trade names) included in the Service without obtaining prior written agreement of the Company or a third party who is their right holder You shall not be able to copy, edit, reprint, distribute, transmit, publish, and in addition to these, beyond the scope of private use stipulated by the law, or for commercial purposes.
Any proposal or the like related to this service that the user has invented, published or presented in connection with the service at the time of using the service, that the Company can use the proposal without obtaining permission from the user who invented, published or presented it will do.
Article 11 About prohibited items
In addition to the prohibited items separately defined in this agreement, in order to use this service comfortably, users are prohibited from doing the following acts related to this service.
●Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company and third parties or other legally recognized rights or third parties' privacy, or that may lose the honor or credibility of the Company and third parties
●Except as permitted by this agreement, regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge, data or information (including its copies) obtained through the use of this service, the third Acts of assigning, lending, inheriting, etc. to a person.
●The operation of this service or the network system, and the act of interfering with access or operation by other users. (Including the act of using or offering harmful programs such as computer viruses or including actions that might be feared)
●In any place including our website and the user's own website, regardless of the method, regardless of the method, information and contents and copyrighted matter posted in this service, without obtaining prior consent from these right holders , Act of publicly announcing modifications / falsifications or contents edited or how to do it. Or redistributing it regardless of method.
●Doing acts that honor honor and credibility, such as discriminating against us or third parties, slandering or slandering, and acts that infringes the secrets of third parties' communications.
●Acts such as posting, disclosure, offering, sending, sending, etc. of contents that other users feel disgusted, such as slander, harassment, obscene,
●The act of pretending to misuse this service as unauthorized use.
●Within this service, the formation and activities of a group with a creed based on religion, race, sex, ethnicity, human rights and any other prejudice or for commercial activities.
●Regardless of inside or outside the game, acts of listening to other people's account IDs and passwords, as well as disclosing themselves, including users themselves.
●Act involving involvement in bugs in programs or software (including client / software, server / software) in this service for unfair purposes and informing other users of the bug. Acts of using them.
●All acts that develop, distribute or use illegal tools, server emulators, client pirated versions, utilities for illegal use, etc. or trigger or recommend use of these to third parties.
●Modification, analysis, publication, modification, adaptation, creation of secondary works, decompilation, disassembling, and reverse engineering of communication data and programs of this service.
●Activities aimed at commercial activities or other commercial activities, or preparatory acts thereof.
●Acts that infringe the rights or interests of the Company or a third party, the act of posting / disclosing / providing / sending / sending false / counterfeit or fraudulent information infringing such right or interest.
●Acts that interfere with the operation of this service. Act to obstruct exchange or sharing of information led by other users or third parties. The act of giving a disadvantage to the Company, the user or another person, such as damage of credit or infringement of property right, or act similar to the matters specified in the preceding items.
Article 12 Regarding recovery measures and liability for damages
In the event that the user carries out the prohibited matter in the preceding article, we can restore them and take all necessary and appropriate measures to properly and smoothly use, provide and operate this service.
In the event that the Company or a third party suffered damages due to the violation of the provisions of these Terms by the User, the User shall be liable for damages pertaining to such damages based on the request of the Company or the third party.
Article 13 Dispatch of prize and expiration date
The Company shall promptly ship the prize acquired by the user in this service in accordance with the application of the user in the designated manner. However, for cases where the user has not completed application for information necessary for shipping within 14 days from the prize acquisition date, the acquired prize shall be canceled.
Article 14 About Disclaimer
We do not assume any responsibility for the development, operation and provision of this service to users, and even if some problems, disputes or troubles occur between users through this service, our company We are not responsible for any of these.
Data related to user information and other users may be lost or lost due to force majeure exceeding our expectations such as malfunction, trouble, power outage etc of equipment providing this service and abnormality of communication line etc. We will not be held liable for any damage caused by this, in the event that such data has caused the loss, lost, delayed etc. of membership information or other membership data due to the occurrence of such situation, unless we have deliberate or gross negligence.
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, if we are not permitted to exercise our duty as prescribed in this Agreement due to mandatory regulations, court's final judgment, etc., we will bear the responsibility to compensate only for direct damages suffered by the user (That is, lost profit, result damage or other indirect damage will not be subject to compensation at all), and with the service usage fee paid by the user, it will be the upper limit of damages.
Based on the judgment of the user, the user will try to avoid using excessive service which disturbs the healthy living environment. We do not assume any responsibility as to social, mental and physical damage caused by the user deviating from the above appropriate use.
Article 15 Regarding Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
These Terms shall be governed by Japanese law. In the event of any problems, disputes or troubles, etc. arising in connection with this service between the user and the Company, the parties shall resolve by consultation in accordance with the principle of faithfulness and integrity. In the unlikely event that it could not be resolved by consultation between the parties, the Osaka District Court shall be resolved as the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance among the parties concerned. However, any litigation shall be commenced within one year after the cause of the lawsuit has occurred, and after one year the lawsuit based on the cause can not be permanently made.