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How do I register?

You can register according to the guidance from "Point registration by new registration" on the TOP page using your e-mail address. E-mail address will be used for inquiries exchange. Sorry for your inconvenience but please allow "@" at domain receive setting.
In addition, in principle, one account is set as one account and the possession of multiple accounts is prohibited.

Could not be registered.

We are setting a limit on registration of disposable e-mail address.
If it is not a disposable e-mail address, it may be rejected in the domain reception setting or it may be already registered address.
If these do not apply, please contact us from the following inquiry form.

What are tickets?

・You can play the crane game once with one ticket.
・Tickets have an expiration date. Deadline depends on the ticket.
・Please check the number of tickets you have and the expiration date from "Tickets" in the menu.
・Tickets that have expired will be deleted automatically.
・You can requeste for delivery prizes that you won with tickets if there is a payment history of 1000 yen or more within the past 10 days.
・Some prizes are not eligible for tickets.
・Tickets are handouts and will not be returned in any case. Please wait for the next distribution.

How much are play points?

One play can play from 120GP (equivalent to approximately 120 yen).
In addition, since there are various playbenches, please see variously.

How to play this?

Please choose your favorite prize from among many prizes.
『Press 'lined up' to start the game. "Horizontal" button → "Vertical" button aim at prizes. It is acquisition when the prize falls in the get zone. (There are various other ways to play.)

During reservation, during play, it became a condition not assumed after winning.

Please refer to the following as each.

・ If you move to another screen during reservation or close the screen, the reservation will be canceled.

· After moving to another screen, or closing the screen, you can not return to the game again. (Since MP is also consumed, please wait until the time over screen is displayed without pushing Yoko · button if you would like to return the point.

· If the previous player gets a prize on the table under reservation, temporary maintenance will be in progress and the reservation will be canceled.
· If the store clerk makes emergency maintenance status due to some trouble, the reservation for that unit will be forcibly canceled. (An alert comes out)

When will my prizes arrive?

Prizes won will be shopped by midnight to the designated delivery address, and prizes with the necessary information provided will be shipped in a single cardboard box if there are multiple requests.
With regards to shipping procedures, we provide tracking numbers issued at the time of shipping slip creation by the shipping company meaning users can check the delivery status using the relevant shipping company's methods.
You can confirm the shipping number for each item by checking the bottom of the 'MY PAGE' and click the 'Shipping request / Win History', which will display the prize shipping history, and a tracking link for shipped prizes.
(There may be issues with delivery if your name, address or phone number have been registered incorrectly)
If you have filled in the profile via the 'Profile Renewal' button on 'MY PAGE' then you will not need to fill in this information each time.
If the delivery form has been filled out incorrectly, please contact us using the inquiries form in order to re-enter your address.
(Prizes will be stored for up to 14 days including the day the prize is won,) Further, if you request shipping for multiple prizes to the same address, please use the batch entry.
Prizes can be batch shipped using by checking the box on the left.

The prize was dropped but the Win Screen was not displayed.

In rare cases, if the sensor that detects prize wins malfunctions the win screen may not appear.
Please be assured that we have saved photos of the booth at the start or end of the game to keep a record of play.
If you cannot see it in the won prizes list, please inform us via the inquiry form below.
If it is displayed in the won prizes list after this, please enter the shipping information from MY PAGE.

I can't play more than once is succession.

Please press the 'PLAY' button only once. Depending on the network environment, the response may be delayed.
'Continue playing' will be displayed in the centre of the screen, and you can select 'YES'.

If you press the 'PLAY' button several times in succession, it may cancel this and in some cases you will be unable to play other machines.
In cases where you cannot play several times in succession, please notify us via the inquiry form below.

I forgot my prize.

If you proceed to MY PAGE ⇒ Shipment Requests / Win History ⇒ Shipping Status then an image from the front camera taken when you won the prize will be displayed, allowing you to check.

I don't remember what points I used.

You can check via the 'Point history' on the Point Page. Point charges, points used during play, points granted, and point returns due to time overs and errors can all be confirmed here.

It is hard to win prizes.

We will advise you to the best of our ability by replying to inquiries from the inquiry form below.
The easiest way to learn is by watching other players.

I would like prizes to be placed where I can definitely get them.

It would be unfair to place prizes where they can be won using multiple places, so we can't do this.
However, this does not apply if they are in a position or orientation where we judge they clearly cannot be won, so we can adjust the position slightly.
On these occasions, please contact us via an inquiry at the bottom of this page.
Further, for ping-pong ball replenishments please let us know as soon as possible.

I can't control it well, the camera doesn't work, I can't switch.

Please check the recommended PC environment, browser version and settings below.
If our system automatically determines that the camera is not functioning, it will automatically be restarted every 15 minutes and adjusted.
However, this only applies when no play actions have occurred, so if it stops working during gameplay please request a restart. Once the camera has been restored, you will restart from the point you left off.

The screen goes black. The image stops. "Connection lost" is displayed.

Please try restarting the app / browser.
If 'Connection lost' continues to be displayed then please try restarting your browser.

If this doesn't solve the issue, then your connection may be unstable.
・Please check that your home internet is 100Mbps or above
・If using wifi then switching to a wired connection may improve the situation.
・Your provider may also be experiencing network congestion.
*If your connection is worse at particular times of day, this may be the case.

Please try from somewhere with a better connection, or try again at a different time.

The video stutters or frames are dropped.

If you remain on the pay screen for an extended amount of time, the device may run out of memory.
Please try restarting the app or browser. (In the case of browser, try closing unused windows or tabs).

If this doesn't solve the issue, then your connection may be unstable.
・Please check that your home internet is 100Mbps or above
・If using wifi then switching to a wired connection may improve the situation.
・Your provider may also be experiencing network congestion.
*If your connection is worse at particular times of day, this may be the case.

Please try from somewhere with a better connection, or try again at a different time.

I almost won a prize, but ran out of points.

There is a continue function, so users who hold a larger number of points will be more likely to win prizes.
Rather than choosing prizes based on popularity, we advise planning head and charging your points.

How to charge points / make inquiries during play.

When charging points or making inquiries during play, there is a 90 second grace period per round (with some exceptions) so you can move to the Charge Screen.
The way to do this is: End Play ⇒ Continue Playing ⇒ Yes ⇒ Start play (There are about 90 seconds before a time over) ⇒ Open the Charge Page ⇒ Charge ⇒ Return to play Screen (For Android, press the □ button and select the app currently playing to return).
Start playing and charge without making operations. The Play Screen and Charge Screen will be opened simultaneously. In this case, it will not return to the top screen. If you leave the booth, other players will be able to play it.
Further, the prize you were aiming for needs one play worth of points remaining. The number of points needed for one play will be used, and the process will be Start Play ⇒ Charge ⇒ Play used.
In this case, if the 90 second grace period. is exceeded using another Play Continue and the further 90 seconds this allows. While you will need to contact us via an inquiry, we will return the points used by the time over.
Further, we recommend charging extra points. Please be aware that operation errors which lead to the right to play a booth being transferred will mean you may not be able to resume from the last play state.

I want to change the type of prize.

Please make an inquiry before or during play. We cannot exchange prizes after you have won them.

Points charged using Google Play do not appear.

It is possible point charge error occured after Google Pay payment.
We are very sorry, but please contact us via the inquiry form and include the number included in your Google Pay confirmation email, which should read 'GPA-○○○○○○'.

I want to specify the delivery date of a prize / pick up at the delivery office / don't need a delivery slip.

When you fill in the shipping information for a prize, please add 'specific date and time', 'pick up at delivery office' or 'don't need a delivery slip' in the field for your name.
 Example Surname: 2018/03/05 Morning arrival Mobile
   Name: Crane

I want to unsubscribe.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the service,
please perform the unsubscription procedure.

[ Notes ]
・The points and tickets you hold will be deleted.
・We cannot refund any points you have.
・You cannot request for prizes to be shipped after withdrawing. If you have won any prizes, please be sure to submit the shipping request first.
・The login status of the app with be maintained for a certain period of time even after unsubscribing. After completing the procedure please delete the app.
・If you are using login via SNS, please unlink it via each SNS.

I don't want to receive the email magazine.

This can be changed via Menu -> My Page -> Account Information.










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