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Points Terms of Service

1. Scope of this agreement
The point usage policy of "iCatchOnline" operated and provided by Peanuts Club Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is a fee-based service in this service (hereinafter referred to as "paid service" (Hereinafter referred to as "user", defined as 3), we will set up an agreement on the use and settlement of points. Every user who uses 'iCatchOnline' will comply with the agreement of this agreement.

Regarding the provision and use of paid services Separate rules established by the Company and various arrangements and notices etc. issued by the Company from time to time (regardless of the actual name, hereinafter referred to as "individual contract") are subject to these Terms , And if the content of the individual contract and the contents of this agreement are different, the contents of the individual agreement shall be applied in preference to the contents of this agreement.
2. Change of the Terms
The Company shall be able to change and revise the contents of these Terms from time to time as necessary without prior notice to the user.
From time to time, the latest version of this agreement will be posted on the web site (hereinafter referred to as "this site") with the "iCatchOnline" website, We shall make it possible to update.
Users regularly visit "this site" and confirm changes to these terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the user not confirming the change contents of this agreement.
3. Definition of terms
In this contract, "user" means all users who use paid services after receiving registration in order to use this service of "iCatchOnline".
In this Term, "Account" is information that includes the e-mail address and password defined in the following paragraph and game data, etc. and is able to identify the user holding it.
"User ID" in this contract refers to the ID that we have given users in this service.
In this Term, "Password" means a password by a combination of letters and numbers that we have given to users in this service.
"Paid service" in this contract refers to a service that provides a game that can be used for a fee in this service.
"Point" in this contract is a game virtual currency valid only within paid service.
In this contract, "prize" refers to prizes and prizes that can only be acquired by playing games in a paid service.
4. Paid service
In paid services, users can obtain the following rights by purchasing points (GP). Purchase of Points (GP) and the exercise of the following rights shall be subject to the conditions stipulated by these Terms.
・Right to use paid service using points
・Right to receive delivery of premiums acquired using pay service
"Purchase" referred to in the preceding paragraph means that you acquire the right to use the point (GP) that the user obtained for a fee, freely within the paid service according to the terms stipulated by this agreement.
Regardless of the description on "iCatchOnline" on this site, the user does not possess the permanent or physical ownership of the purchased point (GP), but the fee-based service is terminated due to a reason specified separately Even in such case, we can not request any redemption / refund.
About point (GP)
・Point (GP) expiration date

Points (GP) owned by the user are valid for up to 150 days from the date the user purchases points.
The validity period of the grant points other than point purchase will be 7 days including the grant date. Points will be revoked on the eighth day.

Points (GP) are valid only for the period when the user is qualified for use of this service, and if the user is deprived or otherwise forfeited by the Company due to the reasons specified by the Company, those that will be revoked will do. Also, in response to such expiration measures, the user shall not be able to file any complaints.

・Using point (GP)

When using a paid service, the user shall consent to consume the required number of points (GP) set by the Company for the paid service from the point (GP) owned by the user, and as a result, The number of points (GP) consumed using the service shall be less than the point (GP) balance held by the user.

・Redemption / refund of points (GP)

We will not redeem or refund any points (GP) balance owned by the user at the time of cancellation of user registration (including termination of user qualification from our company).
The amount of usage fee for paid service, payment method of usage fee, generation criteria, calculation method etc. shall be based on the fee table separately prescribed by the Company.
About the delivery of prizes
・Users can receive delivery of prizes acquired using paid services. However, if the delivery destination information application has not been completed within 14 days from the date of acquisition, the acquired prize shall be invalid.
The amount of the shipping fee, payment method, etc. shall be based on the fee table prescribed by the Company separately.
Also, if winning of multiple accounts with matching shipping address can be confirmed, the acquired prize shall be invalid.
In the event that it can be determined that identification of the principal is difficult with regard to shipment, such as the use of temporary mail service, the acquired prize shall be invalid.

The Company shall be able to change the usage fee of the paid service and the method of billing at any time and its contents will become effective as soon as two days have elapsed since the change notice was published on our official website or this site We shall assume. All changes related to the usage fee and billing method shall be made public on our official website or this site and the user will periodically visit our official website Or agree to confirm the contents of the payment method on this site.

Based on our judgment, we may limit the amount of usage separately for the use of paid services by users.

Paid service usage fee paid by the user shall be paid in advance by prepayment due to charge of point and shall not refund any fee charged service once paid and charged. The user shall pay to the Company all fees (including those undetermined due to disputes etc.) that occurred for using the paid service.
5. Settlement
The user shall pay the paid service usage fee calculated by the Company in accordance with the payment method and conditions separately prescribed by the Company, which will include the fee charged to the user if any obligation arises as a result of other paid services.
If a dispute arises over a fee or other monetary obligation between a user and a billing settlement company or settlement agent used by the Company for pay service, it shall be resolved between the user and the concerned party, It is not involved and assumes any responsibility.
Input information such as credit card and expiration date of credit card will be handed over to the settlement agent of our company's contractor and will not be kept in our company.
6. Interruption of paid service
At our discretion, we can suspend the provision of all or part of the paid service at any time without notifying the user in advance.
We shall not bear any responsibility for damages suffered by users or third parties due to interruption of paid services.
The user shall not be able to seek any redemption / refund for the point balance that the user owns in the case of paid service interruption.
7. Cancellation of paid service
At any time, the Company may suspend the provision of all or part of the paid service at the discretion of the Company, by placing a notice to the user on this site one week before the paid service stop date.
We shall not bear any responsibility for damages suffered by the user or a third party as the paid service is canceled.
The user shall not be able to request any redemption / refund for the point balance owned by the user in discontinuing the paid service.
8. Disclaimer
We do not assume any responsibility with respect to the operation and provision of paid services to users, and some problems, conflicts, troubles, etc. occurred between users or between users and third parties regarding paid services Even in this case, we will not assume any responsibility for these.
Data related to users may be lost due to force majeure exceeding our capabilities, such as equipment failure, trouble, power failure, etc., to provide paid services, and abnormal communication lines. In addition, data related to users may be lost or delayed due to system failure or the like. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, losses, etc. caused by the occurrence of such a situation, or in the event of loss, delay, etc. of the data on the user, and in the event of such incident or gross negligence We shall assume.
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, if we are not permitted to exercise our duty as prescribed in this Agreement due to mandatory laws, court's final judgment etc., we will be liable to compensate only for direct damages suffered by the user (Ie lost profits, consequential damages and other indirect damages are not eligible for compensation at all).
With respect to the point balance owned by the user, there are reasons such as termination of the expiration date of the point, cancellation of the user's registration of the service (including cancellation of user qualification from our company), interruption or suspension of the paid service We will not make any redemption / refund.
As for the prize acquired by the user, after the expiration date of the user's holding period (within 14 days from the acquisition date of the prize), the user loses all rights and the Company assumes all obligations including holding and delivery to the user Shall not. As for premiums delivered to users before the holding deadline (within 14 days from the acquisition date of the prize), we will not have any responsibility, including the quality of the prize, to the user except in the case of damage during delivery .
9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
These Terms shall be governed by Japanese law. If any problems, conflicts, troubles, etc. arise between the user and the Company in connection with the paid service, the parties will resolve by consultation in accordance with the principle of faithfulness and integrity. In the unlikely event that it could not be resolved by consultation between the parties, the Osaka District Court shall be resolved as the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance among the parties.


Enforced March 1, 2018